by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

With the New Year always comes the resolve to change. Are you ready for change?

Last month, while attending a meeting at Speaking For Change, we heard two great speeches that offered great ways for us to change. The first was all about the different cultures we belong to. Have you ever considered all the cultures you belong to? For example, as Toastmasters we all belong to a culture, but there are many more. Other cultures to extend to the church we belong to, the state we live in, our racial culture, our heritage is also a culture and many more. Perhaps you want to extend your culture to include more depth in the ones you already belong to or maybe you want to add to your cultural list in your resolve to change.

The second speech was all about ways to make your life easier while planning events. There are three key areas to consider: Communication, Delegation and Technology. As Toastmasters, we all understand communication is key, especially planning for a diverse group of people. Without communication, there is just chaos. The second key area is delegation. Ask for help. People want to help and it makes your life easier when planning events. The third is using technology. Using technology appropriate to your event can make like so much easier and less chaotic, such as photo and cost sharing apps. Are you ready to change the way you plan to include some or all of these key areas?

As with every toastmaster meeting, we had opportunities to learn of new things with Table Topics and Evaluations. This meeting brought forth some new ideas for family traditions, new favorite foods and drink, and reasons to enjoy the holiday season. Perhaps you’d like to add or change some of your holiday traditions to include something new, like watching sports or attending a new church service with your family, or new treats like black cake or punch of cream or just new ways to spend time with your family. We also heard some great suggestions to add to our speeches, such as using an accent to enhance our speeches or making sure to repeat names with in the speech so people remember them better.

Happy New Year all! If you have resolved to change in 2022, consider checking out Speaking For Change to expand your network with great people and new ideas.

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