by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

His home club, Roanoke Texas Toastmasters club, called him, “Mr. Toastmaster.” Known, for his love of family, his wife Michele, and granddaughter Maddie, Michael W. Hall was a mentor to many. Having served in the Navy for 29 years, Michael was a proud veteran. He was a champion for children, often saying, “Kids are people, too.” Michael had a love of life and encouraged many people, going to great lengths to help many.

A Toastmaster through and through, Michael earned 5 Distinguished Toastmaster Awards during his journey with our organization. He was a competition speaker, recently sharing with District 25 his love of mentoring and the origins of that love. Michael was always looking for ways to improve himself and others.  Looking at life through an evaluator’s eye, Michael offered suggestions for improvement for District Events to help D25.

Active in District 25 and District 43, Michael W. Hall, received District 43’s prestigious Namon Harris Award for his many selfless contributions to all he knew and loved.

District 25 honors Michael W. Hall and his dedication to Toastmasters, District 25, his club, and its members.

Rest easy, sir. We will take it from here.


Below is a collection of memorials from Roanoke Texas Toastmasters:

  • His phone message was “This is Michael. I’m sorry I missed your call.  Your call is probably the most important call I will receive all day.  Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you”.  He valued people.
  • I love when Mr. Michael would introduce me and say, “Here’s Joshua” (breathing that energy and confidence) or when he would call me before a new role within our club, just to ensure I was comfortable and ready. We would talk about government work, his passion for teaching and family but most of all Chicago and time with the Navy.
  • The loss truly hurts me but thinking about what was gained brings peace. Time with an incredible Man and person that I valued and appreciated. He made me feel welcome and I will miss his “bye bye now” on our calls for now until we meet again.
  • I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Michael’s passing. I haven’t attended Toastmasters since COVID but Michael always put a smile on everyone’s face, he knew how to engage with everyone.  He was also wonderful about calling to try to bring me back to the group (something I’ve wanted to do but time hasn’t allowed for since COVID changed the world). The world will be a lesser place without Michael – I haven’t seen him in at least years, but my thoughts and prayers are with Michele and his loved ones. We will all miss you, Michael.
  • He is a wonderful soul and made everyone around him happy.
  • Michael always called me before the Monday meeting even if to chat. He called people rather than texting or emailing.
  • He wrote personal encouraging notes.

Toastmaster Hollis Davis wrote a poem about Michael:


Mr. Toastmaster

Michael was Mister Toastmaster

To us and to others

A leader enthusiastic

And Knowledgeable


Enjoying what he did

Helping others

To speak and

Be good Toastmasters


He will be missed

He always had a

Toastmaster smile

For us all at Roanoke


Encouraged everyone

No matter what level

Welcomed everyone

With joviality


There was no one better

To be called Mr. Toastmaster

The pillar

Of Roanoke Toastmasters


I would like to extend my deepest heartfelt sympathies to you and the family. Michael impacted me just in the first couple of months I’ve been with the club. His light-hearted jovial nature brought so much happiness to all of us. Aside from all the help and mentoring he provided me, I think I enjoyed listening to all the fun Navy stories he had the most. I would laugh so hard hearing about the shenanigans he put up with in the Navy. It was so relatable because the Army is no different.

Michael was such a blessing to anyone he encountered. He certainly was to me. His legacy of kindness and confidence lives on in all of us, and I pray for peace in your heart during this time of the morning.

I remember when Michael brought Hawaiian rolls to the meeting.  Each person who took a role received a Thank You, Hawaiian Roll! A very creative way to get people to sign up for roles.

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