by Celeste Castro DTM Division F Director

Harvest is a wonderful time of the year. The trees change colors. It’s time for Halloween. After that it’s Thanksgiving.

I have visited clubs that were doing their open house using the theme of Halloween and they were able to receive a Golden Gavel. It was interesting to hear speeches relating to Halloween. Some of the members were dressed in costumes; some just had a hat for the event.

One of my clubs had an open house and the theme was Harvest Day. We had a special guest giving a speech about her experience with Toastmasters. And the Table Topics were related to our theme. The club meeting also received a Golden Gavel.

Wait! Thanksgiving is coming. Let’s see who will do an open house for Thanksgiving. Who will give a speech about Thanksgiving, or something related to Thanksgiving?

I love the colors of the leaves changing and getting together with loved ones for a special meal at Thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing more clubs’ open houses and receiving Golden Gavels.

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