by Steven Timmons, DTM

Are you ending the year hitting the mark for your Pathways goals or falling a little short? Either way, you can continue into the next Toastmasters year by encouraging others with the Pathways program.

Not everyone will have had the same success as you. If you would like more success in 2022-2023, then you can benefit from encouraging others. Let’s explore how this can work. Get yourself a buddy to encourage and be encouraged by in the next Toastmasters’ year and beyond.

I have three Distinguished Toastmasters awards and for each one, I chose a buddy to complete the journey. My three buddies were Tracy Speyer, Tom Brents, and Alex Conrad all now DTMs. We did not let each other veer from the course or quit. We succeeded together, and we held each other accountable. We helped each other identify alternatives to complete requirements. We applauded successes along the way and encouraged one another when needed.

You don’t have to start at the same place or the same time to complete the journey together. You don’t have to have the same amount to do to strive for victory. You don’t have to be working on the same Pathway or working on an educational goal to win. I found out that a fellow club member Steve Bomar had an incomplete DTM. After we identified the gaps, I helped him identify a path to completion. We worked together towards his accomplishment, and I am proud to say that Steve is a DTM.

I became a very good friend with each buddy through our journey and consider that a huge bonus. They achieved a personal goal and I gained a new friend in the process.

Whether you are coming off great success or some discouragement in 2021-2022, you can clearly benefit from finding a buddy to join forces on your journey together. Someone in your club, in your area, or even elsewhere in Toastmasters would be more than happy to help you with your goal if you simply ask them.

It’s the best win-win proposition you can make.

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