by Clark Pfarner Incoming Area 33 Director

What did I just get myself into?  I promised myself I would say No if and when I was ever asked.

They asked. I said No.

They sweet-talked. I caved.

The Trio was very persuasive. In the end, I agreed to be an Area Director.

Before our term even started, the incoming D25 team met for a Leadership Retreat on June 11 and 12. It was eye-opening, a lot of great material was covered. The heat was brutal when we hit the streets of Mineral Wells on foot for a scavenger hunt. It was long and exhausting, but we had a blast and returned with new stories to tell.

We learned. We questioned. We challenged.

Time was spent getting to know each other, discovering our human sides, and identifying those things that make us unique. In other words, we bonded. Throughout the process, I discovered, I can do this and do it successfully. I now have thirty-five others to whom I can turn. Thirty-five people now know they can call on me. Having all the answers isn’t a requirement for the job. A willingness to share and be genuine with those we serve will take us a lot further than one may realize.

I walked away from the weekend with a deep connection for this newly formed leadership team. It’s amazing how quickly a bond can form with vaguely familiar people.

I’m grateful for this new experience. I know I will learn a lot in this role. I also know I have the support of those who have served before, and those who will serve with me. I discovered I know more than I realized and where to turn for help when needed.

All the answers were found on the streets of Mineral Wells this past weekend. When you get the chance, don’t pass it up. I’m looking forward to Empowering Your Legacy in 2022/2023.


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