by Joyce Trimble DTM Co-Chair 2021-22 Awards Banquet

The year of Inspired by You has concluded. It is now Celebration Time! So Come On! and celebrate all the inspiring experiences with your party of friends and fellow Toastmasters.

Preparations are on the landing target for the AUGUST 27 Annual Awards Banquet. The anticipated event provides ways to uplift each other, especially those who Inspired YOU and those YOU Inspired.

How can we celebrate?

1) Nominations are now open for the following District Director Awards:

a. Area Director
b. Division Director
c. Toastmasters of the Year

Nominate your Muses by July 15 at

As a previous recipient of the humbling recognitions, I can attest that it leaves you speechless, grateful, appreciative, and dedicated to serving more.

2) Returning this year is “Member’s Celebratory Messages.” Dawn Pitts recently shared how her message was the highlight of her DTM Journey. Sallie Jett’s article and recent video provides suggestions and how the messages will be displayed in the Commemorative Program aka the 2021-22 Year Book.

3) Back by EXCEEDINGLY popular demand is the Member’s Photographer. Allan Pickering has agreed to provide professional pictures of you and/or your party astir with excitement and attired to the nines. Allan will provide instructions to retrieve your free pictures.

Yes, it is CELEBRATION TIME! Come on! (Did I just hear someone break out into song?)

Joyce Trimble, DTM

“Celebrating the Inspirations”


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