by Shuhdi Hashim Area 62 Director

It was an immense pleasure to facilitate an area council meeting for the first time. I was only a participant last year and I can see how I have grown in the few as area director. The entire session was beneficial to all who attended.

For me, the most inspiring part was the brainwriting activity. The officers gave and received unique solutions. It was a powerful exercise.

We also reviewed the DCP goals and how officers can use that as a tool for assessing club health. For example, if the DCP Dashboard is showing Level 4 and 5 completion, that might indicate the senior members are giving more speeches than the newer members.

We also looked at the rules of golden gavel meetings and how modeling those at the club gives guests/new members an incentive to join/see the return of their investment. An exemplary meeting is really the product that the club is “selling”.

Officers appreciated the ability to get support from other area officers and were grateful for the opportunity.  It was my honor to lead the discussion and witness this great collaboration for Area 62.

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