by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

It’s been 2 years since we’ve encountered that dreaded word .. Covid. Our world has changed with some of us meeting in person, some virtually and some in a hybrid state. Keller Communicators has been meeting in a hybrid state since last summer. They have this method of meeting down pat!

One Thursday evening not too long ago, I was warmly welcomed by Keller Communicator officers with an offer to speak to their members, both in person and virtually. It was everything you could imagine. They had a lectern (yes, that prop you start your meeting with for those of you who’ve forgotten as I almost had), they have computer and video equipment, they have real people sitting in chairs, and they have a display of people attending virtually on the wall too! Oh, and in true hybrid fashion, they had a completely paperless meeting .. they vote online using a tiny URL (or a link). If you want to know more, you should contact them or better yet visit one of their meetings.

Just like all Toastmaster meetings I’ve attended, the Toastmaster of the evening started off their meeting by introducing their roles plus the sergeant at arms gave us a Toastmaster minute reminding us of stage protocol. How do you shake hands now? Keller Communicators use a fist bump. Is that what you do? Did you know that the person leaving the stage should exit behind the person taking the stage? Did you know the Toastmaster leads the clapping, and claps continues until said person comes to the stage? I have to say I knew these things but being reminded was a wonderful thing.

I had the opportunity to listen to an exceptionally informative speech about military strength and capabilities of both sides in the Ukrainian war. So many facts and figures were presented in verbal and presentation fashion. I was amazed and I’m sure you would be too. As the guest speaker, I had the opportunity to talk to the members about the two different kinds of mindsets. Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? You should research it and find out.

Table Topics was another feat of the hybrid environment at Keller. We had five table topic speakers, both in person and virtual, covering every imaginable topic, from ‘is there intelligent UFO life’ to ‘what would you do if money were no issue’ and beyond!

We had two evaluators who gave thoughtful evaluations covering their views on cadence, enunciation, humor, introductions and conclusions, placement on the stage and use of notes.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience was to be had at Keller Communicators. Take a Thursday evening and visit this club that is epitomizing everything imaginable.

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