by Tammy Kasterke DTM Registration Chair

No doubt, you’ve crossed a bridge. I know I prefer solid, sturdy bridges with rails-to-hold-on-to if needed. Crossing a weak, flimsy bridge… well, I wouldn’t even consider it.

The upcoming Summit is likened to a bridge. Attending the Summit will be the bridge you need to successfully reach your club, career, and personal goals. This Summit will “draw your bridge” to new views and ideas you can use! Take a peek!  Summit 2022.

I’m glad you peeked! You see, our District 25 Leadership is providing the “rails” you need to build YOU. Keynote speakers will inspire YOU to greater heights. Educational speakers will equip YOU with confidence. The bridge is solid. All you need to do is plan to be there!

The Summit 2022 – Draw Your Bridge will be on Saturday, November 12! You can choose a full day or a partial day of Summit. You can choose an in-person or virtual Summit. Hurry… registration will close on November 4!


Full Summit Registration $100.00

Includes 4 Educational Sessions, Lunch with Keynote Speaker, Interactive Leadership Panel, and DTM Dinner with Keynote Speaker and DTM Ceremony

Summit with Lunch $50.00

Includes Lunch w/Keynote Speaker, 4 educational sessions, and Interactive Leadership Panel


Club Pass $200.00

Good for up to 6 members from the same club; Includes Gallery Seating with Keynote Speaker at noon, 4 educational sessions, Interactive Leadership Panel, and Gallery Seating with Keynote Speaker and DTM Ceremony at 6:30 PM.

DTM Dinner $60.00

Includes DTM Dinner with Keynote Speaker and DTM Ceremony

Raffle Tickets One for $5 or five for $20

You do not need to be present to win one of these amazing prizes!


Tailor the day to make it work for YOU. There are in-person options without meals and virtual options too. Click here to peruse ALL the Summit options.

Hurry… registration will close on November 4! Contact me at with your questions.

I’m looking forward to “drawing a bridge” with YOU on November 12, 2022, at The Summit!

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