By Ninfa Flewitt, DTM, District Director

Who do you call when you need to know almost anything D25 related?  I call this month’s outstanding member! This person is the keeper of all D25 records and has the skills to help in all manner of ways. From creating the name badges for events and District leadership every year to creating and updating the website, Diana Patton goes above and beyond in helping to promote functions and ensure everything runs smoothly for all things D25! On behalf of the D25 Trio, for your selfless service this month in particular, and all months in general, congratulations to Diana Patton on being D25’s November Outstanding Member!

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ankur bora

Diana is the most accessible person I ever meet she is easy and pleasant to speak to , who would respond with affable smile. I met Diana in 2019 September and she is a great inspiration for me since then.