by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

If you want something done, give it to a busy person! When our Outstanding Member takes on a project, she’s all in with her warm and contagious, matter-of-fact approach.  She creates a team environment that encourages everyone to participate.  She’s passionate, innovative, and sets high standards for herself and her team.  She empowers people with her positive attitude!

The Summit exuded her positive imprint throughout, from months of planning to execution.  With a strong focus on service, we’ll remember this year’s Summit for a long while!  That is why Michelle Bayes is this month’s District 25 Outstanding Member!

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ankur k bora

Last year , I received a book during holiday , earlier a hand-written greeting card. Who would do that ! Yes It’s Michelle Bayes , our HTE club president who would go to extra length and bring surprises to fellow members