by Chris Raneri DTM District Director

Some people have musical talents and some people have athletic talents. This month’s outstanding member has the ability to see into the future and with confidence, can say that the 2021 Annual Conference is one for the records. Once she finished co-hosting the Awards Banquet, she started planning using her superpowers of leadership and organization!  As the Conference Chair this year, she continues to meet with her team of volunteers almost daily to be sure that the conference is worthy of getting out of the house and building on your own superpowers!

If you haven’t figured out already, Jill Morrison is this month’s Outstanding Member. Be sure you find her at the Annual Conference next month and say “Thanks, for the great event!”

Jill, I SEE YOU and the hard work you have put into making the conference a success! On behalf of the Trio and all of District 25, thank you for your undying service and for using your superpowers for good.

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