by Emily Murray DTM Club Growth Director

Congratulations to our November Open House winner BNSF Expressed! Using the welcoming theme of “Be Our Guest” and inviting their Area Director, they were successful in not only having high member attendance and participation, but also in having quite a few guest attendees. The speaker for the meeting spoke on the background and history of the club specifically and Toastmasters generally, and was humorous and educational, setting an excellent example for the potential members. There was also time to engage with the guests and make sure all their questions were answered. In the end, a fun, high energy, educational meeting was had and BNSF Expressed earned their Open House award! Congratulations again! Since this was ALSO a Golden Gavel meeting, look for the $25 TI bucks for each award ($50 total) in your envelope at the Awards Banquet next August. Congratulations.

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