by Chris Raneri, DTM, District Director

Have a tall mountain to climb? Have the odds stacked against you? Look no further than the July Outstanding Member, Godfred Ahuma, to lead the charge up the mountain. In February 2020, Godfred became the President of Las Colinas Professionals with one goal in mind – to build a strong base of members to achieve club Distinguished status THIS year.  Using his strong leadership and networking skills, Godfred helped the club gain 14 new members and achieve 6 DCP goals while integrating and exciting the new members to volunteer for club officer roles. He did all this without adding pressure on the club members and during a critical time for all clubs.

Thank you for taking one step at a time while maintaining your course towards the club’s ultimate end goal. Please help me congratulate the July Outstanding Member, Godfred Ahuma, on a job well done.

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