by Chris Raneri, DTM District Director

Have you attended a TLI this summer?  If you have, you have probably seen this month’s Outstanding Member, Denise McConnell. Denise accepted the role of TLI chair figuring the district would have in-person training.  Afterall, virtual club officer training has never been done before.  Instead, Denise had to quickly embrace the change to the virtual environment while learning to master Zoom meetings in a flash.

Not only did she embrace it with a smile, but she did so with a passion to make the experience work for our members.  She helped the trainers understand the new process and even developed a better process for providing with them attendance sheets. She was not afraid to ask for help when she needed it and quickly implemented feedback when she needed to.  Her infectious attitude with answering questions and being a solid team member for each of the TLI sessions did not go unnoticed.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating our newest Outstanding Member, Denise McConnell!

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