By Greg Pick, DTM, Past District Director, Area 33 Director

This year I am honored to once again serve as an Area Director. Working with Area 33, I have found this second tour more rewarding than the first time. One reason is because I know a whole lot more about the job this time than I did the first time. But the main reason is because of the relationships I have developed. I am supporting the clubs in Area 33 by communicating information related to: (1) upcoming events and deadlines, (2) incentives being offered by the district, and (3) resources available to assist them in a myriad of areas. In addition to encouraging participation in district events, I had the privilege of working with the clubs to hold the Area 33 contest.

The aspect I enjoy most is getting to know individuals and cheering each member as they achieve an education award. Since I visit my clubs often, I can learn the strengths and the challenges faced by each club and participate in many club celebrations.  For one club, I network with my contacts and, when it is beneficial to the individual, I recommend that they join for additional speaking opportunities. In another instance, we agreed to try a speechcraft to gain members. Our current situation has put that on hold temporarily, however, we meet virtually and have not lost momentum. The plan to conduct a speechcraft will continue when things return to normal. Another club just needed me to visit, make announcements, and acknowledge their achievements. I am proud of the performance of each club, and I’m pleased they treated me like family.

I also reconnected with friends that I met from prior years of service. Some of the members I met this year will likely become district leaders in the future. Whatever my future, I have cherished memories from all the fun I am having during my service this year to take with me on my journey.

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