By Greg Pick, DTM, Past District Director

What can you get from participating in Toastmasters?

As I continued my Toastmasters journey this year, I wondered where to put my focus. I have a DTM. I’ve given dozens of speeches. I’ve served in many leadership roles. What is left for me to talk about? I did a skill check and chose three advanced manuals from the Traditional Program that addressed the areas I felt were my weak points: Storytelling, Humorous, and Public Relations. Completing these speech projects stretched my abilities. I also continued to work and refresh fundamental speaking skills by completing Competent Communication manuals. I selected two Pathways Learning Experience paths to ensure that I maintained familiarity with navigating the online learning processes. Next year I plan to complete the two paths as I continue to build skills by participating in Toastmasters.

In addition to the speaking skills I continue to sharpen and develop, I chose to continue to serve in district leadership roles to support my fellow members. Not only do I enjoy seeing the growth and skills develop in others, I continue to grow in the areas of interpersonal communications, establishing a vision, motivating and encouraging others, and building relationships. I believe my greatest gains have been the numerous friendships and precious memories I’ve made by participating in Toastmasters.

My Why – improved speaking skills, watching others grow, and making friends.  What will you get from your Toastmasters Journey?

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