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by Emily Murray District Director DTM If you took sunshine and made it into something solid, it would probably be gold. Our March 2024 Outstanding Member of the Month is solid gold sunshine – so much so her name is even gold. Jenall Gold. Having joined Toastmaster in April 2023, it’s even more special that…

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Starting off on the Right Foot

by Larry Prince, D25 Toastmaster Fundamentals Chair Do you realize that when a person becomes a Toastmaster, they’re establishing a new social contract? The first few weeks of a Toastmaster’s journey are critical. The new member may think, “Have I made the right decision?” and “What is this all about?” or even “WHAT have I…

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Embarking on “Our Next Great Adventure”

by Krystal Besaw Annual Conference Chair As Toastmasters, we are constantly on a journey of self-discovery and growth, and this year’s annual conference theme, “Our Next Great Adventure,” encapsulates this spirit perfectly. It’s a rallying call to all members to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their personal and professional development. At…

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Finishing The Year Strong Yet Making A Path Forward

by John Aparicio Division D Director Serving as Division D Director has been quite a daring adventure. I did not know what I was in for with the ‘23 – ‘24 year. I was met with challenges at every turn but was determined to keep sharing my sunshine no matter what! Whether it was grief…

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By District Director, Emily Murray, DTM For lunch today I ate chocolate chip cookie dough and a peach Red Bull from 7-11. I feel no guilt about this. I am an adult. Adults make good decisions; therefore, this was a good decision. My stomach disagrees, however. Emily…what on Earth are you talking about? Hold on…