Outstanding Member February 2020

Outstanding Member February 2020

By Jamie Pickering, DTM, District Director

The right person for the job.

District 25’s member of the month – Thad Mantaro.  Thad currently holds the title of District 25 Public Relations Manager, but that title doesn’t begin to describe what he does.  This year Thad has taken District 25 into the 21st century by constantly thinking outside the box.  Did you know that Google provides free advertising for nonprofits?  Thad did.  He worked with Google and we now have advertising on the Goggle search engine!  Did you know there are ways to schedule campaigns across all your social media at once?  Thad did.  And we had increased participation for the Town Hall and all our members are benefiting from the increased information available.  Do you know how to write a press release?  Ask to get a slot on morning tv or radio?  That’s right, Thad did.

Thank you, Outstanding Member of the month Thad Mantaro.  We’re Celebrating You, Seventy Years Strong!

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