Outstanding Member May 2019

Outstanding Member May 2019

By Robi Ley, DTM, District Director

One of the qualities we as a trio look for in our Outstanding Members is perseverance. That single-mindedness to get something done, in spite of challenges, roadblocks, and life in general. Our choice for May’s Outstanding Member has shown us just that quality.

Bob Beideck serves the district this year as the Division E Director. Along with his district duties, he has a full-time job, and works with students in another volunteer organization. All this can lead to grid-lock when it comes to getting tasks accomplished.

Bob has demonstrated perseverance. He has kept on keepin’ on, even when work piled up. Thank you, Bob, for your continued dedication to our district, your Area Directors, and the membership of District 25. Your perseverance has earned you the designation of Outstanding Member for May 2019. Congratulations.

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