Conference-Letter to My Club

Conference-Letter to My Club

By Frosty Hardison

Here is a letter from Frosty Hardison who is member of Top Flight Toastmasters Club to his fellow club members following District 25 2019 annual conference which was held May 3-4.  Top Flight Toastmasters was one of 22 clubs that benefited from the new Club Pass option for registering at the conference.  Ten members from any one club could attend all events for to total of $130 – meals sold separately.

Hello Top Flight Toastmasters Team,

Did you make it to the District 25 Conference? If not, we missed you and you missed a lot of fun (and yes you missed some boring stuff too – hahaha).

If last weekend, you went to the District 25 conference, you had an excellent opportunity to be a part of the fun that is Toastmasters. Friday night we were represented in the banner parade with all the attending clubs, it was kind of like the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. Did you see all the banners on parade?  If so, you might have seen this banner from Keller, TX – with 7 tiers/rows of ribbons – WOW!

Our club now has enough ribbons to start a second tier/row, and THAT is very exciting.

What do the ribbons mean, you may ask? Each ribbon is an award that each attending club is presented with, denoting that their club is engaged and participated in this Toastmaster sponsored function.

After the Friday dinner speech by Alise Cortez, we dismissed with the formal meeting stuff and had a lot of fun with a lip synch contest, then we just danced the night away to a bunch of ‘80’s tunes.

My wife and I literally danced with the “movers and shakers” of District 25, until the hotel kicked us all out, to close the place down – if you like to learn line dancing and boogie down – you missed a LOT of FUN!

Saturday was yet another excellent opportunity to participate in the lectures and great teachings throughout the day…. Alise Cortez spoke at one of these and her talk on creating your personal story was very motivational.

On Saturday night there was a quick talk by Jeff Crilley, followed by some great contestants in the speaking contest. Afterward, there was a lot of crying as our new District 25 leaders were sworn in and District 25 Director, Robi Ley, passed her duties to Jamie Pickering, the newly elected District 25 Director.

Overall, it was a fantastic first time for me.
Let me know how your experience went.
I’d love to hear from you.

Frosty E. Hardison
Top Flight Toastmasters