The More, The Merrier

The More, The Merrier

By Robi Ley, DTM, District Director

Our Annual Conference is more than an event, it’s an experience. It’s even more exciting when experienced with your fellow club members. That’s why we offer the Club Pass.

This registration option allows more of your club members to attend and experience the Annual Conference. Here’s how it works:

Your club pays a Conference Registration fee of $130. Up to 10 members of your club can then attend the conference and have access to every event; gallery seating for contests, education sessions, Friday Night Fun, and gallery seating for the DTM Ceremony. If a member wishes to add a meal or two, (or three or four), they can purchase those a la carte. (Meal orders must be placed by April 26.)  The conference experience is customized for the individual.

This is just one way to help more of your club members come be a part of this annual event. The education sessions are going to be packed with wonderful insights and information; our keynotes are incredible; and the DTM ceremony is the perfect way to cap off the weekend.

Check out all the registration options and don’t miss your chance to Dare to Dream with us.

Come on. I Dare You!

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