Winter TLI Season is near….

Winter TLI Season is near….

By Tammy Kasterke, DTM, Training Chair 2018-2019


Winter TLI Season is near…. 

Give me a “T”!  Give me an “L”!  Give me an “I”! 

   Give me a “VOLUNTEER”!

What does that spell?  Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity!  I want Y-O-U to be on my TLI Team!

In case you’ve not met me yet, I’m Tammy Kasterke, your friendly District 25 TLI Training Chair.  Do you know what the best part of this District role is?  It is meeting each of YOU who come to training!  I have absolutely enjoyed shaking hands, saying “Hi”, and hearing your “Toastmaster’s journey” story.|

Do you know what the next best part of this District role is?  It is volunteering alongside extraordinary Toastmasters!  Hands down, we’ve got some seriously talented, dedicated Toastmasters.  After an amazing Summer of TLIs, I must say… Our District 25 has the best Toastmasters!  I’m very glad, and proud to be a part of District 25.

Winter TLIs are coming and I need a Winter TLI Team!  My goal remains the same… to provide the BEST training to our members!   Will you consider being a part of my team?  I can only do this with Y-O-U!

I have 3 unique teams of which you can volunteer for… Training Team, Registration Team, and Hospitality Team.  These teams ensure success at each TLI event.  You can volunteer where you excel or where you want to grow. I’m here to place you on the team you want to be on!

A fantastic opportunity coming up for those who want to be Trainers is the Train the Trainer  event at Texas Wesleyan on November 17.  This training, led by Jamie Pickering, is geared toward improving your facilitation skills. It will prepare 1st time TLI Trainers and provide new techniques to experienced TLI Trainers.  I’ll be there to answer any questions about Winter TLI and reserve your TLI Trainer spot.

See below the upcoming Winter TLI Training Dates.  You don’t have to wait until November 17 to sign up.  Email me NOW to reserve your volunteer spot –!  I want to hear from YOU.  As a team, we will make District 25 Winter TLIs the BEST training for our members!

Give me a “Y”! Give me an “O”!  Give me a “U”!  What does that spell?  TLI Volunteer!

Note schedule could change; check the official d25 schedule for current information on Winter TLI events.