Extra Special Touch to DTM Recognition

Extra Special Touch to DTM Recognition

By Diana Patton, Past District Governor 2011-2012

Fall 2010 DTM Ceremony

Ever since our 2010-2011 Toastmaster year, someone who has never been a Toastmaster has been adding that extra special touch to our Distinguished Toastmaster ceremony at conferences and now our first Summit.

Annaclaire Taitt has graciously created those little velvet pouches personalized with the names of those being recognized as new District 25 DTMs.  These exquisite creations provide a special place for members to hold the DTM medallion and to keep it handy to wear at the next DTM recognition ceremony. After the 20 pouches are created for this fall’s Summit, Annaclaire will have made over 225 pouches.

Annaclaire is wife of 2007-2008 District 25 Governor, Maurice Taitt.  His focus was “Committed Excellence”.  It seems that this theme runs deep in their family.  Pictures of past DTM ceremonies reveal that Maurice was DTM Chair for the fall 2010 conference. Those lovely velvet pouches on the table mark the beginning of a tradition that continues today.

Pictures of the Spring 2011 conference with special guest Toastmasters International President Elect Michael Notaro reveal that Annaclaire created one of those special velvet pouches for him.

At our first Summit on November 10, 2018, our District’s newest DTMs will receive their own personalized velvet pouches for their medallions. Recipients will no doubt treasure the beautiful embroidered pouches as special mementos of this very special occasion, marking the culmination of the DTM quest.

District 25 extends our sincerest thanks to Annaclaire Taitt for her contribution to this special event marking the culmination of the DTM quest, which indeed is “Committed to Excellence.”