D25 Staff Spotlight – Elizabeth Gray, District Chief Judge

D25 Staff Spotlight – Elizabeth Gray, District Chief Judge

Elizabeth Gray was born in Missouri but has lived in Texas most of her life. She is currently serving as the District 25 Chief Judge, which is a long way from where she started with Toastmasters in September 2016.  Her first experience with Toastmasters was being asked to be the club secretary to help charter a new club, Passion->Purpose->Power.  Since then, she has kept saying yes when asked to take on roles, from club officer to area director to her current role.  “Some people think you have to be a certain education level before stepping beyond the club, but really all it takes is a willingness to go and do.”

Elizabeth’s favorite part about Toastmasters is the support other members have given her and the support and encouragement she is able to give others.  She actually likes giving speech evaluations!  She helped charter a second club, Speaking for Change, at her current location with eRx Network in Fort Worth, where she works as an Executive Assistant. 

When not attending contests or encouraging people to sign up for judge’s training, Elizabeth spends time with her husband, Don, and her daughter, Katie.  She is active within her church as well, where she uses some of her Toastmasters learning to speak and lead women’s studies.

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