After 5 Cocktail Attire: What Does that Mean?

I am looking forward to the Awards Banquet. After reading Joyce Trimble’s post, I was all a-tremble over what After 5- Cocktail meant.

So I went researching on the net.

For men:
A suit or blazer/trousers combo is required.
Source (with additional information and great pictures)

For women:
A little dress that is on or just above the knee in length. Ladies could also wear a tailored pant or skirt suit, teamed with a nice blouse. A pretty skirt teamed with a dressy top and cropped bolero could also work.
Source (with additional information and great pictures)

I can do that. So can my club’s new members who are also coming to the Awards Banquet.

I look forward to seeing you at the Awards Banquet on August 11th!

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