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Common, relevant questions asked by members of their Pathways Guides! (Updated from the top)

Following information posted 3/20/2017

#55: Beginning work on future projects, unlocking levels and projects
Q- Club member asked: I just started my Level 1 in Visionary Communication. I have my Ice Breaker speech scheduled in my club but have several weeks to wait. Can I work on Evaluation and Feedback and Researching and presenting in the meantime? With the CC and CL manuals, I could look ahead and begin preparing for my next speech/project. Can I do that within the same Path and Level in Pathways?
A- As soon as you complete your “Ice Breaker” project, both remaining Level 1 projects will be unlocked so you can look ahead.

The “Ice Breaker” must be completed before other projects in Level 1 because it is the foundational project on every path. This means “Evaluation and Feedback” and “Researching and Presenting” remain locked until the “Ice Breaker” is completed. If you would like to learn more about the requirements in upcoming projects, you can access project descriptions and evaluation resources on the Tutorials and Resources page.

In each level after Level 1, you may access and look ahead to all projects within the level. The one exception to this is at Level 5. In this level, you must complete your first required project and the elective of your choice before you can access the final project, “Reflect on Your Path.”

#69: Visibility of members on dashboards
Q- I am president of my club and know some members have selected their paths. However, when I log in as a Base Camp manager and access the Member Progress page, I cannot see that a member has selected a path or made progress. Why does this happen?
A- There are a few reasons why you may not see all data expected in a report available on the Base Camp manager Member Progress page. a. Refresh the report: To ensure a report on the Member Progress page shows the most recent data, refresh the report each time you access it. To do this, select Options in the upper right corner of the report, and then select Refresh from the drop-down menu that appears. Once you refresh, check that the current date and time display in the lower left corner of the report. If so, the report is showing most recent member data.

  1. Members of multiple clubs: As Base Camp manager, you can only track progress, view transcripts, and verify education for members who have selected your club as their home club. If after refreshing you still do not see data for some members, this may be because those members may be members of multiple clubs and have not set your club as their home club.

As soon as a member selects your club as their home club, their information will show in reports on the Member Progress page.

If you still do not see member data after refreshing the report and confirming the home clubs of your members, please contact us with detailed information so we can assist you.

#768: Submitting education awards on Club Central after verifying on Base Camp
Q- Submitting educational awards – when Pathways rolls out, the VPE will need to approve the educational achievement for the member and then submit it to club central. Question: will this be only for the transition period? After the transition period, will there only be a one step process for submitting educational awards?
A- No. The process will remain the same after the transition period. After the transition period is complete, VPEs will continue to approve education on Base Camp and submit award requests on Club Central.

#769: Submitting education awards on Club Central, do we need to input speech titles for Pathways?
Q- Will the BCM need to input members’ speech titles and dates in Club Central when applying for level completion as we do now in the current education program for new designations?
A- No. You will be asked to select the award the member is eligible for but will not be required to input any additional information.

#930: Printed materials, change path type
Q- A member elects a paper version of their path. Working through the path they come to realize that their next path choice is NOT available in print. Can they ‘switch’ to online for their second path?
A- Yes. Each time a member selects a path, they will decide if they want to complete the path in printed materials or on Base Camp. Members can work in both mediums at the same time and can complete their first path in print and their second path on Base Camp or vice versa. Completing a path in one medium does not prevent you from completing paths in another medium.

Fees and Dues:
Overview:Each member is eligible for one free path in Pathways

  • Members of multiple clubs at the time of the rollout in their region are eligible for a maximum of 2 free paths, regardless of the number of clubs to which they belong
  • Members who prefer printed materials (see definition above) pay an addition $25.00 USD for those materials
  • For your second free path, you will need to contact 

TI FAQ 20. What are the costs associated with Pathways?
Your regular membership dues cover the cost of your first path, however, if you choose the printed materials option for your path, there is a $25 printing fee. The cost for an additional path is $20, and if you elect to work in printed materials, the $25 printing fee also applies.

If you are working in one path and decide to switch to another path, you do not need to pay an additional $20 as long as you make the exchange within 30 days of the original purchase. The $25 fee you pay for a path with printed materials is not refundable. Remember: you can always print out copies of the Pathways materials on your own, at no charge. If you are enrolled in Pathways online, you can print out any of the materials on Base Camp.

Q:  Do I still have to pay a new member fee now that there are no Competent Communication (CC) or Competent Leadership (CL) manuals in Pathways?
A:  Yes. Although new members will not receive a physical kit when they begin in Pathways, the new member fee covers membership processing costs, your first path, and access to Base Camp and its resources.

Q:  If I choose an online path, which means my learning materials are all digital, why do I still need to pay for Pathways if I’m not receiving manuals and other printed materials?
A:  While it’s true that members who choose a path on Base Camp will not receive physical manuals or materials, Pathways gives you access to a richer learning experience, featuring 10 paths to choose from, over 300 real-world skills to learn and in-depth training resources to help you every step of the way. In addition, there are still costs associated with maintaining the Pathways learning experience, including software licensing, support and ongoing educational development.

Q:  I pay dues twice a year. Why don’t I receive a new path every time I pay dues?
A:  Dues cover your ongoing membership as well as services provided to you, your club and your district. In Pathways, each new member receives one free path, just like you received a Competent Communication (CC) and Competent Leadership (CL) manual without any additional costs when you joined the traditional education program. Additional paths must be purchased individually in Pathways, similar to the traditional education program, which requires you to pay for additional manuals beyond the CC and the CL.

Q:  When I purchase an additional print path, do I need to pay the materials fee again? And do I also have to pay a shipping fee for each path?
A:  Each time you purchase a print path, you pay a materials fee. This fee covers the cost of your materials and shipping. Shipping cost is included in the materials fee.


#1027: NEW! Base Camp manager dashboards, DCP, distinguished club
Q- I understand approving a completion level is unique from awarding a completion level. The dashboard reports will report which members have completed a level because these were approved by that club. The award of level completion is entered in Club Central. This tells me the dashboard reports will show progress toward DCP goals, but ultimately Club Central is the final say for DCP points. Does Base Camp offer a report that shows level completions awarded?

A. The Base Camp Manager Member Progress dashboard will give Base Camp managers information about the levels that each member of their home club is working on at the time. Level completion awards can be found on Club Central. Information on Base Camp does not confirm any DCP credit that can only be done on Club Central. For members or multiple clubs, it is the member’s responsibility to communicate with their club VPE which club is to receive credit for DCP points on each level completion.

Base Camp Manager for multiple clubs
Q- I support a club where a member is VPE for multiple clubs. It was noticed that each BCM profile and education transcript (resources and tutorials) were kept separate from each other. And, separate from her member profile. Since technically, it is the same person, why can’t all information on her profile and launched training material be consolidated in her personal profile? Or, can all her information BCM (profile and launched training material) be replicated, so that no matter which club she has as home club, she will see the activity she has completed.”
A-The Base Camp manager role is shared between three club officers. When you are logged in as a Base Camp manager, Base Camp recognizes that the manager is logged in; it does not recognize which of the three club officers are accessing the system. For this reason, your personal education will not show when logged in as a Base Camp manager. The Base Camp manager transcript will retain a record of the resources launched by any Base Camp managers accessing Base Camp.

Additionally, those who are a Base Camp manager of more than one club, should keep in mind that each login is associated with a specific club. They are logged in under a different Base Camp manager profile for each club in which they serve in this role.

#1028: NEW! Club Email, Base Camp communication
Q- The clubs I am supporting would prefer Base Camp emails go directly to the VPE, Pres, and Sec (BCMs) email rather than the Club email. Is there an option to handle Base Camp emails this way? If it is currently a system constraint, are there plans to add this flexibility?
A:  Base Camp manager is a single title in Base Camp, designed to be managed by a single individual. To facilitate member progress through Pathways and support club officers, the title is assigned to three people in each club, the president, vice president education and club secretary. Because it is intended for an individual, only one email address can be assigned.

Following information posted 3/6/2017

Q&A #34 Assessment required for first path?
Q- Do we have to go through the assessment to choose a path?
A- Yes. Before starting the Pathways learning experience, members will take the Pathways Assessment to find the path that is right for them. The assessment helps members identify the path that best meets their needs, interests and goals. For this reason, Pathways was structured so that all members take the assessment before selecting their first path. Members may select any subsequent path without retaking the assessment.

Q&A #421: Bypassing Pathways assessment, self-selecting a path
Q- If a member already knows which path they want, is there a way they can make the selection without having to go through all the questions of the assessment?
A- The assessment is designed to direct members to a path they may not have considered that will support their goals. Every member is required to take the Pathways Assessment before selecting their first path.

Once members have taken the assessment, they may choose one of the paths recommended to them or select from the entire list of available paths.

#427: Repeating Pathways assessment, multiple-club members
Q- Do you have to take the assessment for each club if you belong to more than one?
A- Each member is only required to take the Pathways Assessment the first time they select a path, however, members are welcome to take it as many times as they wish. Path selection is individual to each member and not associated to their club or clubs.

#223: Pathways recognition, name badges, credentials, achievement
Q- For pathway title recognition, the latest achievement of level will be reflected next to their name for example James, EC3; Can you explain the title for completion of level 5 and what would the title of a person that has complete all 10 paths and yet to achieve DTM be?
A- The recognition that appears with a member’s name is the most recent path and level they completed. When a member completes all 10 paths but has not yet achieved DTM, the recognition with their name is Level 5 of the path they most recently finished. For example, if Suzanne completed all 10 paths and the most recent path was Presentation Mastery, her credential will read: Suzanne Mallory, PM5.

When a member completes a path, they also earn the Proficient designation. For example, when Yolanda completes the Effective Coaching path, she is considered Proficient in Effective Coaching. A member who has completed all 10 paths would have this designation in each path.

#132: Completing a project
Q- An experienced TM explored Ice Breaker, and was able to move all the way to Completed on the Ice Breaker project without any kind of prompt or requirement to upload an evaluation. Is this correct?
A- Yes, this is correct. Members are not required to upload their evaluations to Base Camp. When a member reaches the Your Evaluation screen in a project, they are instructed to log back in to Base Camp after their speech to complete the second portion of their self-assessment.  Members should not complete the project until they finish all components of the assignment, including the speech.

#235: VPE approvals and evaluations
Q- How does the approval system works in Pathways? Does basecamp compute the results or entries of the evaluation given then verified by the VPE before going from Level 1 to Level 2 and so on?
A- Base Camp does not compute evaluation scores or entries; members are not required to upload their evaluations to Base Camp.

Base Camp automatically marks each project complete. Before a member can begin the next level of a path, they submit a level completion request to the VPE. Before the VPE verifies the request, they should confirm that the member has fulfilled all requirements for that level.

#204: Can an evaluator upload an evaluation for another club member?
Q- Can a member do an evaluation for another Club member and then upload it for that member themselves or do they need to email the evaluation to the speaker? Is the speaker the only person who can upload the evaluation?
A- Only the member to which they belong can upload documents to these folders.

We encourage evaluators to send completed evaluation resources via email. The speaker can then upload the evaluation to Base Camp if they wish. Please note that uploading evaluations to Base Camp is optional. While it is a great way to reference evaluations in the future, it is not required.

#820: Can an evaluator upload an evaluation for another club member?
Q- I think it’s important for members to have a process to upload their documents into Base Camp. Whether the member can permit access to a VPE or someone else, it will help those that would like to view the evaluations online. It’s also critical to allow other members to be able to upload an evaluation electronically for a speaker.
A- Please keep in mind that uploading evaluation resources to Base Camp is not required.

Because completed evaluation resource are personal to the member and they may not want them stored on Base Camp, the member is the only one who has access to upload these resources.

Members are encouraged to share completed evaluation resources with one another via email. These can also be shared via the Base Camp Feedback page. However, members will need to take caution to ensure that they do not make the form visible to everyone in the club when using this method. Documents shared on the Feedback page can be shared privately, but members need to ensure they are using the correct settings. Please review the Feedback tutorials and World Headquarters Webinars for more information.

How do I upload an evaluation?
As to uploading an evaluation or otherwise giving feedback.
Go to Pathways home.
Select club
Log in as member
Up in the search box at top right search for club member name
On the member’s page, click feedback
You can then attach a file, award a badge, or just write a comment.
Be sure to click “Post,” which saves it.

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