How Pictures Can Speak for Your Club


Brendon Payne
Community newspapers are always looking for content. Forget the big guys — they will likely ignore your submission. Look for small, local papers who NEED content that covers your area. It’s true; pictures say a thousand words. Send the paper a decent quality picture of your officers’ installation, winners of a club speaking contest, or just simply a picture of your members networking. Here’s the trick — you have to do their work for them. Make sure you send the photo with a “cutline” — that’s newspaper jargon for the BRIEF photo
description. Identify everyone in the photos “left to right” (L-R), along with their company affiliation or position in the club.
Get chummy with reporters, editors or others at these publications. Don’t waste your time with lengthy 2-3 page news releases. No one cares, especially busy newspaper writers. Picture submissions with a with a VERY SHORT cutline will be more effective.
Brendon Payne
Vice President Public Relations
Northwest Tarrant Toastmasters
by Jodie Sanders