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Here are some resources for you to help in holding a successful contest in an efficient way. If you have any questions or comments on the resources provided here, please contact District Contest Quality Chair Greg Pick at

Speech Contest Resources

Dignitary List - 2014-15 List *updated 4/9/15

Official District and Toastmasters International Logos

District 25 Judging Guidelines

Area & Division Contest Picture Guidelines

Delegation of contest tasks as determined by D25 Leadership Team

(further clarification of Rule Book)

Contest Information Available through

Toastmasters International Website

Session 1: The Contest and Roles

Session 2: When You're the Judge

Session 3: The Judge's Guide and Ballot

Conducting Quality Speech Contests (training information) (218E)                       Slides

Speech Contest Judges Training Program Presenter's Script (1190A)                Slides

Contest Rule Book

- Official 2014 Contest Rulebook from Toastmasters International

- Changes to 2014 Rulebook


Speech Evaluation Contest Information & Forms

- Purpose of the Speech Evaluation Contest
- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Evaluation
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Evaluation
- Contest Speaking Order Evaluation Contest
Test Speaker Flier - Use to recruit a test speaker for your Speech Evaluation Contest

Humorous Speech Contest Information & Forms

- Purpose Humorous Speech Contest
- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Humorous Speech
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Humorous Speech
- Contest Speaking Order Humorous

International Speech Contest Information & Forms

- Purpose International Speech Contest
- Contest-Ballot-Judges-International Speech
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-International Speech
- Contest Speaking Order International

Tall Tales Speech Contest Information & Forms

- Purpose Tall Tales Contest
- What is a Tall Tale?
- Fantastic Handout from a Tall Tales Education Session
- Tall Tales Article in Toastmasters Magazine - April 2006
- You Must be Kidding - Article in Toastmasters Magazine - November 2007
- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Tall Tales
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Tall Tales
- Contest Speaking Order Tall Tales

Table Topics Speech Contest Information & Forms

- Purpose Table Topics Contest
- Contest-Ballot-Judges-Table Topics
- Contest-Ballot-Tie Breaking-Table Topics
- Contest Speaking Order Table Topics Contest

Sample Script for Contest Toastmaster

- Tall Tales and International Speech Contest (Spring even numbered years) *updated 2/22/15
- Humorous and Speech Evaluation Contest (Fall) *updated 2/23/15
- Table Topics and International Speech Contest (Spring odd number years) *updated 1/5/15

Contest Chair Resources

Contest Chair Kit * updated 10/1/14

      (list of documents supplied by District to Area/Div Governor to deliver to Contest Chair)

D25 Quality Contest Planning 2012 (powerpoint)

Contest Chair Checklist - Simple checklist for the Contest Chair *updated 1/7/15

Contest Chair Checklist - Cheat Sheet (Spring 2013)
Create a Contest Flier - Sample contest flier and instructions on how to create * updated 1/5/15

Contest Roles & Responsibilities -
           Description of Contest Roles and Responsibilities
* updated 6/20/14

Contest Forms Checklist - Master list of who gets each form
Contest Chair Briefing - Contest Chair Briefing Documentation * updated 3/26/15
Things to Avoid - Don't Let Murphy 'Ruin' Your Speech Contest
Contest Sign In Sheet - Can be used as a sign in sheet * updated 6/20/14
Stop Sign for Contests -

                  Can be used to post outside doors while contest is in progress
Direction Signs -
                  Signs with arrows to direct Toastmasters/Guests to contest or event * updated 6/20/14

Chief Judge Resources

Chief Judge Briefing - Chief Judge Briefing documentation

Chief Judge Checklist - Simple checklist for the contest Chief Judge

Chief Judge Report (recap of judges, helpers, etc.)

District 25 Judging Guidelines

Speech Contest Protest Procedures

Judge's Certification of Eligibility & Code of Ethics

Basic Forms for ALL Speech Contests

Speech Contest Tally Counter Sheet - Used by vote counters 
Notification of Contest Winners -Completed by winners advancing to next level
Speaker's Certification of Eligibility and Originality - Must be completed by all contestants
Speech Contestant Profile (biographical) -

                Used for contestant interviews post contest
Speech Contest Time Record Sheet - Form used by timers at all speech contests

Contest Agenda Information

Agenda Preparation - Instructions on how to prepare a contest agenda * updated 1/5/15

Area Contest Agenda Template - Fall 2015 * updated 3/3/15

Division Contest Agenda Template - Fall 2015 * updated 3/3/15

Area Contest Agenda Template - Spring 2015 * updated 1/5/15

Division Contest Agenda Template - Spring 2015 * updated 3/3/15

Sample Certificates

Who should receive certificates (Area & Division contests)

certificates are samples only - can be modified as needed
- Certificate of Appreciation for Contest Judges
- Outstanding Club Officer Certificates (Area)
- Thank You Certificate for Contest Helpers
- Certificate of Participation International Speech Contest (.doc)

- Certificate of Participation International Speech Contest (.ppt)
- Thank You Certificate for Test Speaker

- Thank you for providing facility

- First Place Winner (can be modified as needed)

  The following certificates provided by Toastmasters International

- First Place Winner

- Second Place Winner

- Third Place Winner

- Participation

- Participation (partially completed)

Announcement of Winner Forms

- Club Winner announcement (generic)
- Club Winner announcement evaluation & humorous
- Club Winner announcement evaluation & international
- Club Winner announcement table topics & international
- Club Winner announcement tall tales & international

- Area Winner announcement (generic)
- Area Winner announcement evaluation & humorous
- Area Winner announcement evaluation & international
- Area Winner announcement table topics & international
- Area Winner announcement tall tales & international

- Division Winner announcement generic
- Division Winner announcement evaluation & humorous
- Division Winner announcement evaluation & international
- Division Winner announcement table topics & international
- Division Winner announcement tall tales & international

Speaking Order Forms

- Table Topics Contest
- International Speech Contest
- Humorous Speech Contest
- Speech Evaluation Contest
- Tall Tales Speech Contest

Forms for District Representatives

- District Representative Evaluation - Form used by District Representative to evaluate contest
- Duties of District Representative Fall 2013

- Contest Announcements by District Representative Fall 2013

- Promotions - announced during Fall 2013 Contests

- Promotions - announced during Spring 2014  Contests




Updated 6/26/2014

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